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As part of Opie’s push to develop their own range of agricultural products it became obvious that Opie needed to shift from a business to business operational model to a business to customer model. Dealing directly with the end user/purchaser in a retail environment meant that Opie needed to be able to create personal and engaging experiences for their (potential) customers. To do this Opie needed to clearly understand their needs, wants, behaviours and motivations and how this might translate into an engaging service proposition. Opie also need to change cultures and understanding of the internal staff as they would now be dealing directly with customers.  


Scintilla worked closely with Opie to help define a new customer and team experience. As part of the ongoing process, Scintilla created and facilitated workshops to enable consistency in understanding cultures and develop common mindsets, we researched and developed personas and actor maps to understand the range of customers, their expectations, values, motivations and behaviours, we created user journey maps and service blueprints to understand gaps in the service proposition, to understand external and internal structures and how these structures impact user engagement, emotional response and to help define the service / touchpoint journey and experience. Scintilla also created organisational personas to help articulate the differences, expectations, behaviours and mindsets at an organisational level.  

Based on the research and implementation Opie were able to clearly articulate and implement new internal structures and service propositions for their customers. This work also laid the foundations for a new business model, branding for that organisation which further allowed the development of their agricultural products portfolio.    

Scintilla quickly understood our business and culture and they in turn developed systems and plans to help us understand where and how we were positioned and what we needed to do to execute our new B2C model. They developed and helped us understand our new markets and what that culture would look like. Scintilla helped us put that stone in the ground and created the foundations of our new business


Managing Director - Opie