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Project: Post and rail fencing and letterbox system

Category: Product | Strategy


Opie are an Australian family owned manufacturing business that were looking to capitalised on their existing capabilities and expand into the regional rural sector. Based on the outcomes of the research project it became apparent that a post and rail fencing system for valuable livestock would provide an opportunity to enter the market as well as increase the utilisation of their equipment and workforce.


Based on the outcomes of the research project, Scintilla developed a fence system and a range of accessories suitable for the regional rural and semi-urban market sector.

To enable farmers to customise the fence system to suit their specific applications and properties, Scintilla developed a modular structure for the various components that comprised the fence system. Posts, rails, letterboxes, mesh retention systems, gates and lighting were designed to complement each other and meet the demanding and practical needs of the farmers and those living in rural townships.

Opie, with Scintilla’s guidance, developed a unique patentable post and rail fastening system that greatly reduces the reliance on fasteners and special assembly tools. Ultimately the fence system is designed for easy installation by the farmer or home handy man. The modular nature of the fence system means that it can be readily configured to suit any property, can be expanded over time as required and aesthetically complements existing homesteads/ rural-urban homes stud and hobby farms. 

Opie say...

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‘I have worked with Ian and Dorte from Scintilla for a period of 18 months on a variety of projects ranging from research, concept design and manufacturing. it never ceases to amaze me how they are able to take the minimalist brief and deliver quality outcomes. They are able to make sense and bring my ideas to life. They are broad thinkers and are able to apply their skills across different levels my business. Scintilla challenge me as much as I challenge them’.

Tristan Opie

Managing Director

Scintilla Design post and rail fence configurations for Opie
Scintilla Design post and rail fence with horses for Opie