Opie Manufacturing Group

Project: Brand Development

Category: Strategy | Service


Opie Manufacturing Group are an Australian family owned manufacturing business that were looking to capitalised on their existing capabilities and expand into the regional rural sector. Scintilla worked with Opie to develop a new brand and strategy that would connect with their new target market, position their products and services within the current market place and underpin the development of their digital presence.


The aim of the project was to develop and deliver an exceptional customer experience as part of a new brand.

Based on insights distilled from extensive research into the rural sector, Scintilla developed and clearly defined all the core elements of a strong brand identity and strategic brand narrative. This included a tailored vision statement, definition of key brand values, identification of critical service characteristics and distilling core brand messages. Scintilla presented interactive workshops to facilitate Opie’s involvement in brand development and understanding.

In order to understand and characterise market segments, Scintilla created a series of behavioural personas to capture the key motivations, values, needs, wants and drivers to define potential customers/ market segments of their new products. To support the launch of the brand, Scintilla created a succinct brand strategy which included the identification of primary marketing channels best suited to reach the intended audience.

The brand identity and messages contributed to the definition of a service model, established the tone of marketing messages, determined the interactions of staff with potential customers, defined a partnerships delivery model, and informed the design of a new website to launch the brand, build awareness of their new products, and provide relevant information to potential customers.

Opie say...

Opie Manufacturing Group logo

I have worked with Ian and Dorte from Scintilla for a period of 18 months on a variety of projects ranging from research to concept design and manufacturing. It never ceases to amaze me how they are able to take my minimalist brief and deliver quality outcomes. They are able to make sense of and bring my ideas to life. They are broad thinkers and are able to apply their skills across different levels within my business. Scintilla challenge me as much as I challenge them.

Tristan Opie

Managing Director

Opiie brand summary by Scintilla Design