Project: Agricultural Market Research

Category: Research | Strategy


Opie Manufacturing Group are an Australian family owned manufacturing business that were looking to capitalised on their existing capabilities and expand into the regional rural sector. Opie asked Scintilla to determine whether this was a viable market and if so, how Opie could maximise its chances of success in this market sector.


Over a 3 month period Scintilla conducted extensive research into the Australian regional rural sector in order to develop an understanding of this market environment. Scintilla visited 5 key regional localities across NSW and using research methodologies we observed and interviewed key stakeholders, developed an understanding of their motivations and behaviours, evaluated major competitor products, services and their market positioning, and assessed opportunities for new products. The research findings were compiled into a comprehensive visual report with recommendations on market viability, new product opportunities, key marketing and sales channels and branding messages that would resonate with the target market.

Opie now had the information to confidently make a business decision to expand their core product offering and enter the regional rural market sector. This information enabled Opie to strategically position themselves within the market and develop key partnerships to enhance capability and distribution channels for their new range of products.

Opie say...

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I have worked with Ian and Dorte from Scintilla for a period of 18 months on a variety of projects ranging from research to concept design and manufacturing. It never ceases to amaze me how they are able to take my minimalist brief and deliver quality outcomes. They are able to make sense of and bring my ideas to life. They are broad thinkers and are able to apply their skills across different levels within my business. Scintilla challenge me as much as I challenge them.

Tristan Opie

Managing Director

Scintilla Design agricultural research competitors for Opie
Scintilla Design agricultural research report recommendations for Opie
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