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Project: Childsafe Lock

Category: Product | Strategy


Juno Childsafe is the brainchild of entrepreneurs who identified a critical need for childproofing on the go for busy parents and carers of young children. Juno make small portable childproof bags to help prevent accidental poisoning of children under 5 years old. Their proprietary lock design is the key to their product. Juno were experiencing functional and assembly difficulties and did not know why. They approached Scintilla to determine why the locks were underperforming and if and how the problem could be resolved.


Scintilla completed an analysis of the existing Childsafe lock and bag system by examining design documentation and physical product samples. Scintilla completed a root cause and DFMA analysis and identified a series of small issues that collectively resulted in the locks underperforming. Scintilla implemented design solutions to all of the identified issues which optimise lock performance, manufacturability and assembly within the constraints of Juno’s existing patent.

Scintilla managed the production of new prototypes which were used to test the modified lock design and new bag design with small children – the improved design passed with flying colours. The prototypes also enabled Juno to demonstrate with confidence their product to potential new business partners. Juno are currently investigating new markets and opportunities in Australia and USA.

Strategically, Scintilla provide advice to Juno on design and innovation, business and product costing models, manufacturing and manufacturing partners options, developed cost structures and budget plans for the ongoing manufacture and sale of the Juno Childsafe bag and lock.

Juno Say...

We needed help with our product to optimise its performance and manufacturability. Scintilla were quickly able to understand our business situation, and our design and manufacturing challenges. After completing analysis and exploration Scintilla were able to quickly identify and implement a solution. Scintilla were responsive, knowledgeable and their experience has enabled Juno to capitalise on new business opportunities

Annette Katelaris

Director - Juno Group

Scintilla Design Juno childsafe lockable bag prototype parts