Project: Product Optimisation & Prototype Manufacture

Category: Product | Prototype


Fallstoppa is a safety device that allows any single or extension ladder to be secured at the top to prevent toppling whilst people use the ladder. Used in industrial applications such as construction or mining it can be operated by one person from the ground.

Having designed and manufactured several functioning (Fallstoppa) aluminium prototypes several years ago Scintilla was asked by ODTech to now optimise the design for materials, manufacture, weight and performance and produce a number of fully functioning prototypes suitable for demonstration and testing. The optimisation included part count reduction and integration of multiple sub assemblies, Design For Manufacture and Assembly review, overall mass reduction, material and manufacturing process selection.


Overall through the optimisation conducted by Scintilla we were able to reduce the overall mass by 4kg, an 80 percent saving whilst maintaining the robustness of the original design, we managed to decrease the assembly time from approximately 60 minutes to 6 minutes, we integrated the claw module and the slide module into one unit and reduced the part count by 55 percent. Fallstoppa has now been designed to be injection moulded so part and tooling costs can be reduced and remain competitive. Scintilla also refined the overall aesthetic of the product in order to convey its sense of purpose as a premium safety product. Scintilla also, after completing the 3D/2D CAD data and BOM sourced and managed suitable manufacturing partners for a prototype build of twenty complete units. Scintilla inspected and assembled all manufactured components prior to sending to ODTech.

ODTech Say...

The design optimisation carried out by Scintilla has been amazing. We have been able to reduce the weight of Fallstoppa as well as reduce manufacturing, tooling and assembly costs. This makes Fallstopper much more competitive in the market. Scintilla are knowledgeable and capable company who have guided me throughout the development of the Fallstoppa.

Peter O’Donnell

MD - ODTech