BOC Cylinder Wrap

Project: Cover Design

Category: Design


BOC manufacture a range of industrial gases for use in industrial and residential markets. The gas is stored and distributed to site in large metal cylinders which are grouped into packs. Previously, when BOC change the cylinder gas contents the cylinder must be repainted to reflect the new gas contents – which is a time consuming and expensive process. BOC asked Scintilla to develop a simple system that would allow the different cylinder packs to be re identified after each refilling.


Scintilla worked with BOC from the initial product specification and concept development to manufacture and pilot production. BOC engineering had developed a sheet metal cover system for the cylinder pack as a possible solution but this was disregarded due to a number of factors – ease of assembly/disassembly, weight, cost to manufacture. Scintilla explored a number of options and ultimately demonstrated to BOC the simplicity of a modular wrap system.

The wrap system was multi configurable that allowed it to be used across a range of gas packs, it was lightweight, durable, could incorporate a security and tamer evidence system, was simple and economical to manufacture and could be branded. After completing the design, sourcing manufacturers, preparing product costings Scintilla worked with the chosen suppliers to develop and manufacture a range of prototypes. Scintilla also worked with BOC and developed test plans and supervised the testing process and presented BOC with a final test report.