Project: Beacon Showcase

Category: Product


BOC Australia are manufacturers, distributors and retailers of a variety of gases used in industrial, hospitality and medical applications. BOC have been implementing Beacon, their flagship Internet of Things (IoT) project, across the various business platforms and needed a way to communicate the key elements and benefits to their existing and potential new customers as part of the BOC stand at National Manufacturing Week in Melbourne during May 2019. 


Scintilla worked closely with the BOC Australia marketing and technical teams to define the key elements of their IoT platform for translation into a scale 3D model. The scale model needed to represent BOC’s variety of gas telemetry solutions and the cylinder hardware to which it could be applied. The model also needed to be functional by including LED lights to indicate changing gas levels within various cylinder products.

Using existing BOC hardware drawings, Scintilla created 3D scale CAD models of all key system elements. Scintilla worked with BOC engineers to develop and integrate the electronic system into the 3D model design, including the design of features to facilitate easy location, alignment and assembly of parts. The model was designed to be disassembled and packaged for easy relocation after the NMW show. To enhance the realism of the scale model, the top surface of the plinth was printed with a simulated concrete aesthetic at the same scale as the models themselves.

Scintilla managed the design, production and assembly of the 3D presentation models to deliver a fully functional scale model in 8 weeks.

The model now resides in BOC’s innovation hub at their head office in Sydney where it is used to train BOC staff and communicate to customers the key elements of the future beacon system and all the benefits it will bring to both the organisation and their customers.

BOC say...

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It’s been a pleasure working with Scintilla over the past few months. Their professionalism, patience and dedication to our projects has been second to none. They seamlessly integrated themselves into the BOC team, quickly understood our challenges and delivered a great solution in a very short timeframe.

Sharon Sharma

Asset Management and Packaging Manager, BOC South Pacific

Scintilla Design Beacon showcase model for BOC Australia at National Manufacturing week 2019