Project: BBQ Research

Category: User and Product Strategy


Scintilla was asked by an entrepreneur to assist with market and design research for a new BBQ system. The new BBQ system embodied a number of innovations not yet seen in the market and as such our client needed to better understand the potential state of market and user acceptance. After reviewing the early prototype of the BBQ system Scintilla also became an advisor relating to the design and development, commercialisation and value creation and innovation strategy.


Scintilla conducted market research using literature reviews, geographic mapping and interviews to establish core market trends and competitor awareness, user insights, brand and pricing information, user demographic and psychographic information. This information was then analysed and presented as a report that outlined the current state of the market as well as indicating potential trends and how this new system might fit into the market.

In addition to the market report Scintilla also held discussions with our client about extending the level of value and innovation for the BBQ system. Scintilla established a sound design philosophy and foundation, fundamental design principles on which the system could be developed further and that would provide a portfolio of products within the system. This work then enabled our client to seek discussions with potential industry partners and strengthen IP rights.