10 Questions to check your design health

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March, 2017

We’ve been talking a lot about design and the value it can bring to organisations when implemented at all levels within the business – strategic, process and product / service level. When fully integrated within an organisation, design also brings significant financial rewards. According to the Design Value Index (DVI) study, companies that implement and embed design management practices across their organisation show 10 year returns yielding 2.11 times (211%) that of the S&P 500 companies1.

Companies that are considered truly design driven by the study include recognised design companies such as Apple, Herman Miller, Nike and Whirlpool. The list also includes companies not traditionally associated with design such as Proctor and Gamble, SAP, Starbucks and Target. In order for companies to be included in the Index they must meet six criteria:

1. Design operates at scale across the enterprise.
2. Design holds a prominent place on the company org chart, and either sits on the leadership team or directly reports to a leadership team member.
3. Experienced executives manage the Design function.
4. Design sees a growing level of investment to support its growing influence.
5. Design enjoys senior leadership support from the top tier of the organization.
6. The company has been publicly-traded on a U.S. exchange for the last ten years and thereby adheres to GAAP accounting rules

So, is your organisation design-driven? Are you getting the most value from design? Or could you be doing more to fully harness the opportunities that strategic design thinking principles and practices can deliver? Download and complete our 10 question health check to find out.

1. Rae, J 2015 dmi: Design Value Index Results and Commentary, http://www.dmi.org/?page=2015DVIandOTW