What we do

Scintilla is an Australian design practice with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We partner with individuals, private and public organisations across a diverse range of industry sectors. We use design to solve problems by exploring, creating and making.

Our holistic approach to design embraces experimentation, innovation and exploration to deliver human centred and relevant quality solutions across product, service, strategic and social platforms. We believe that any solution we deliver should help to improve people and organisational well being. We believe that design bridges the gap between what is  and what may be possible and provides a more optimistic way of looking at the future by reframing problems as opportunities.

Scintilla is committed to staying at the forefront of design practice, design knowledge and design delivery. We embed ourselves within our partner organisations to better facilitate collaboration, understanding and knowledge sharing. We lecture at Australian Design Universities to foster the next generation of designers and actively participate as members of the design community. 

At Scintilla, we strive to be your strategic design partner supporting you to achieve future success. We aim to deliver enviable results.

We recognise that every organisation is unique and we treat you as an individual. We strive to understand your unique needs in order to deliver solutions that are tailored and crafted to meet your specific requirements in order to drive your future success.

We approach every project with fresh eyes and a holistic view to ensure that our quality solutions are truly desired by your customers, technically feasible for you to deliver and can be managed and sustained within your organisation.

We have the knowledge, experience and networks to take your idea from seed to final solution. When you partner with Scintilla, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands allowing you to focus on other important things.

We strive to embed critical knowledge and information within your organisation. We build capacity and develop a growth mindset, helping to future proof your organisation by building confidence and resilience.

We are flexible and agile in the way we work within your organisation. We are responsive to your needs, always keep you engaged with your project and take responsibility for delivering quality design-led solutions.


How we do it

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Vision and plan

We think about the big picture, ensuring alignment between the project and the organisation’s strategic goals. We build upon your organisation’s strategic vision to determine the project’s purpose, what we need to deliver and how will we achieve this.

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We research to understand people – their needs, motivations, behaviours, context, market and technology  to ensure we are solving the right problem, for the right people at the right time.

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Vision and plan

We think about the big picture, ensuring alignment between the project and the organisation’s strategic goals. We build upon your organisation’s strategic vision to determine the project’s purpose, what we need to deliver and how will we achieve this.

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Explore, create, make

We experiment and explore across disciplines and boundaries to deliver enviable solutions, create new opportunities for your organisation, and make ideas tangible through synthesis of research and vision.


Who we are

We are professionally qualified designers with collectively over 50 years’ experience in diverse industry sectors including medical, scientific, furniture, consumer, entertainment, manufacturing, agricultural, digital, branding, packaging, graphics and communications, children’s and safety markets.

We strongly believe that products, services and organisational strategies are interrelated and do not exist in isolation. We work across different organisational and hierarchical levels that include strategic, process, service, product and social service. 

We use a transdisciplinary approach, where different disciplines apply and share their expertise and knowledge to develop new ways of doing things, create new knowledge, develop systems level thinking and participatory practices. This transdisciplinary approach builds deeper understandings of human, social, technical and commercial interactions in a context that delivers social purpose.

We provide a full range of strategic, service and product design services. Our capabilities include: human centred design, research, strategic business design audit, education and capacity building, service design, concept development, detailed design and engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.


With over 40 years’ experience as a design professional and qualifications spanning engineering, design and business, Ian is passionate about the relationship design plays between organisations and communities. How do organisations and communities understand and become design led? What impact does design have and how can we create better connections to design, organisations and community to enable people to live more sustainable lives?

As a design leader, Ian applies a human centred design mindset, strategically across any organisation or community he works with to develop outcomes that may include products, services, and strategies and or capacity building in order to develop solutions and create connections to their customers.

Ian also has a keen interest in the development of the next generation of designers. He regularly lectures and tutors design students at the University of Newcastle (UON) and the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in a range of different design subject areas and has also acted as dissertation and project supervisor for final year design students.


Dorte originally trained as an environmental scientist at Monash University in Melbourne and worked for both federal and state governments pursuing her passion for sustainability. It was here that Dorte realised that she could have a much greater societal impact through the design of systems, services, products and communications that enable people and organisations to make more sustainable choices.

After retraining in industrial design at the University of Technology, Sydney, Dorte discovered her underlying passion for creating solutions that truly help improve people’s lives. Dorte believes in an evidence based approach to solving problems through design in order to deliver people-focussed products and services that are intuitive, engaging and sustainable.

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