Melbourne bound!

Seeking innovation partnersApril 2017

Early April saw Scintilla head south for a few days in search of fun and sun in Melbourne. And we found it. What a great city to get around, certainly not as much traffic as we experience in Sydney. Fantastic weather – blue skies and warm days and cooler nights as you would expect with early Autumn.

Now for the fun bit. We were very fortunate to visit a number of organisations and learn about their challenges and successes. It’s great to see that people are moving ahead and continuing to develop products and services in Australia for world markets. One thing we noticed particularly with a number of companies that we visited are the levels of innovation and creativity being applied to develop new and innovative offerings. The other key insight is that there is much more recognition, understanding and incorporation of the end user in the development and innovation process than ever before. This is great to see as we move to a more strategically dominated design methodology.

One of the reasons that we spent several days in Melbourne was to talk to several manufactures about the development, manufacture and logistics for our Scintilla range of products. You may recall from our previous blog post that Scintilla has begun to develop a range of products. So far we have completed early design and detail work. We have also been working with several suppliers and manufacturers in Melbourne to manufacture models to provide feedback for the development process. I have to say we have been very fortunate to have found two companies that are very enthusiastic about our designs and are keen to partner with us as we continue to develop and optimise our design for manufacture. We are excited to work with these companies as we move forward with our manufacturing research and begin to develop the first prototypes.

Stay tuned for more about what Scintilla has been up to and about our range of products in the coming months.


Ian Johnson

Ian brings over 38 years of engineering, product design, design management, research and strategy to Scintilla and has worked in a variety of industries including gaming, entertainment, safety, medical, children’s products, technical and scientific market sectors. With a passion for creating greater linkages between design and business strategy, Ian aims to help organisations create engaging customer experiences by utilising and increasing the awareness of design within organisations. Ian also tutors design students at UTS.