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Melbourne bound!

Seeking innovation partnersApril 2017

Early April saw Scintilla head south for a few days in search of fun and sun in Melbourne. And we found it. What a great city to get around, certainly not as much traffic as we experience in Sydney. Fantastic weather – blue skies and warm days and cooler nights as you would expect with early Autumn.

Now for the fun bit. We were very fortunate to visit a number of organisations and learn about their challenges and successes. It’s great to see that people are moving ahead and continuing to develop products and services in Australia for world markets. One thing we noticed particularly with a number of companies that we visited are the levels of innovation and creativity being applied to develop new and innovative offerings. The other key insight is that there is much more recognition, understanding and incorporation of the end user in the development and innovation process than ever before. This is great to see as we move to a more strategically dominated design methodology.

One of the reasons that we spent several days in Melbourne was to talk to several manufactures about the development, manufacture and logistics for our Scintilla range of products. You may recall from our previous blog post that Scintilla has begun to develop a range of products. So far we have completed early design and detail work. We have also been working with several suppliers and manufacturers in Melbourne to manufacture models to provide feedback for the development process. I have to say we have been very fortunate to have found two companies that are very enthusiastic about our designs and are keen to partner with us as we continue to develop and optimise our design for manufacture. We are excited to work with these companies as we move forward with our manufacturing research and begin to develop the first prototypes.

Stay tuned for more about what Scintilla has been up to and about our range of products in the coming months.


The Facts

New Scintilla Fact Sheet –  March 2017

For those of you who would like to know a little more about our capabilities we've developed a short fact sheet which you can download here. Print a copy and start a discussion in your company about how Scintilla might be able to work with you.


10 questions to check your [design] health

So, is your organisation design-driven? Are you getting the most value from design? Or could you be doing more to fully harness the opportunities that considered and well crafted product design, strategic design thinking principles and practices can deliver? Take our 10 question health check below to find out or print your copy using the link below.

Over the last few blogs we’ve been talking a lot about design and the value it can bring to organisations when implemented at all levels within the business – strategic, process and product / service level. When fully integrated within an organisation, design also brings significant financial rewards. According to the Design Value Index (DVI) study, companies that implement and embed design management practices across their organisation show 10 year returns yielding 2.11 times (211%) that of the S&P 500 companies1

Companies that are considered truly design driven by the study include recognised design companies such as Apple, Herman Miller, Nike and Whirlpool. The list also includes companies not traditionally associated with design such as Proctor and Gamble, SAP, Starbucks and Target. In order for companies to be included in the Index they must meet six criteria:

To download and print a copy of the Organisational Design Health Check to start a conversation in your organisation, click below.

Design Health Check print


To learn more about the benefits of working with qualified design professionals, such as Scintilla Design, read our post on “8 reasons to use a qualified designer”.

1  Rae, J 2015 dmi: Design Value Index Results and Commentary,

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In search of inspiration

Images to inspireFebruary 2017

We are starting a new internal project here at Scintilla that we are keeping under wraps for the moment. But we thought we would share with you some of our creative process. To help get our creative juices flowing we took a little field trip to do some design research. Here are some of the photos we took. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do! Stay tuned for more on this project.

Mastering Design Strategy!

Mastering the latest thinking in the field of Design and StrategyJanuary 2017

Ian has just begun a postgraduate course in Design Strategy. The course, run by RMIT University in Melbourne, will be credited as part of the post graduate degree of Master of Design Futures.

The aim of the course is to explore how designers work with corporate, social and public sectors. Within the course students will investigate and apply tools, methods and processes to help align design practices with new movements in organisational strategy.

The course will examine how design contributes to the envisioning, communication, execution and innovation of design and organisational strategy. Ian looks forward to sharing new insights and applying the latest thinking in the field of design and strategy with our partners and the broader Scintilla community. For further information, stay tuned to our blog and news pages or contact us at

We’ve started a blog!

Let's start a conversation November 2016

scintilla_icons_blog_yellowModern times call for modern measures. So we at Scintilla have decided to write a regular blog to inform, create a dialogue and engage with our networks and beyond. There are many talented and knowledgeable people out there and as designers we firmly believe that the more we engage with people, the more we share insights and start a dialogue the more meaningful our work and outcomes will become.

Our topics will vary but will center on the core theme of design. We’re passionate about design, how the power of design transforms lives and how our environment can be transformed through good design. We want to write and solicit feedback from as many people as possible and so we encourage you to comment and add your insights and perspectives – after all this is about sharing and building on what we already have and know.

So stay tuned for our first intro blog due out early November.

Doing things differently

Doing things differentlyMarch 2016

Dorte was one of 19 female graduates interviewed by Cathy Lockhart, lecturer in Design at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), as part of her PhD thesis: Where are the women? Women industrial designers from university to workplace. Cathy was recently interviewed by the International Council of Societies in Industrial design (ICSID) about her PhD research findings. Cathy found that while women designers were not achieving the public recognition of their male counterparts through formal design award programs, they were still out there practicing design.

"Millennials are having to be more entrepreneurial, and the women are designing, but they're actually doing it for themselves. So they might work for someone else for a couple of years and then they're setting up their own businesses. They're doing things differently, and it's just not in that peer-reviewed environment. It doesn't get that public recognition in the same way, and doesn't necessarily have the backing of a design awards, and the media coverage that goes with it," Cathy explains.

As part of her research into women industrial designers, Cathy also curated an exhibition in 2014 entitled “Where are the Women?”. Dorte was invited to participate in the exhibition and a sample of Dorte’s work is included in the article. To read the full article, visit: 

Helping new designers grow

Helping new designers growMarch 2016

Having been involved in the design industry for many years, we believe in giving back to our industry to help nurture better designers for the future. Both Ian and Dorte have been invited by UTS to tutor and mentor students in the areas of Research Methods in Integrated Product Design and User-Centered Design. We will be guiding students through real world projects and showing them how to apply design research and user-centered design principles to develop appropriate designed solutions and outcomes. We look forward to working with the students throughout the coming semester.

Scintilla Expands core capabilities

Scintilla Expands core capabilities February 2016

To enable our clients to better visualise product opportunities and strategically communicate with their customers, we have invested in Keyshot rendering and animation software. This enables Scintilla to take 3D CAD models developed in our Solidworks and Creo 3D modelling platforms to produce photo-realistic product images, in-situ product renders and product animations. To find out how we can help you visualise and communicate your product opportunities, contact us at

Scintilla employs graduate designer Isabella Rago

Scintilla employs graduate designer Isabella RagoNovember 2015

As Scintilla develops greater ties with our clients and an ever expanding base of work, Scintilla has engaged Isabella as a full time Product, Strategy and Experience Designer. Isabella, who has degrees in Industrial Design and International Studies, has a background in engineering administration and will contribute to Scintilla’s workload in the areas of strategic data visualisation, system and global thinking, design development, user experience design and systems planning. We wish Isabella all the best and look forward to working with her.