We’ve started a blog!

Let's start a conversation November 2016

scintilla_icons_blog_yellowModern times call for modern measures. So we at Scintilla have decided to write a regular blog to inform, create a dialogue and engage with our networks and beyond. There are many talented and knowledgeable people out there and as designers we firmly believe that the more we engage with people, the more we share insights and start a dialogue the more meaningful our work and outcomes will become.

Our topics will vary but will center on the core theme of design. We’re passionate about design, how the power of design transforms lives and how our environment can be transformed through good design. We want to write and solicit feedback from as many people as possible and so we encourage you to comment and add your insights and perspectives – after all this is about sharing and building on what we already have and know.

So stay tuned for our first intro blog due out early November.