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Scintilla delivers Strategic Design lecture at UTS

Scintilla delivers Strategic Design lecture at UTS May 2016

During May Scintilla was asked to deliver a lecture to Integrated Product Design students at the University of Technology Sydney on the topic of Strategic Design.

Presented to second year students the lecture provided an introduction to the overarching concept that design is not just about product but may be used in a more strategic way. Using design strategically can extract greater value and therefore attend to the needs and experiences of all stakeholders and in particular the end user.

During the lecture Scintilla described the changing nature of the world and in particular how problems have become more complex and multi-disciplinary and how designers are in a key position to act as synthesisers. Scintilla introduced the concept that design has the capability to lead as it is transformative – designers have the skills to synthesis information, they look at problems from multiple perspectives, they have the ability to understand multiple disciplines and they are comfortable with working with the unknown.

Scintilla then introduced the concept of strategy and how strategy may be developed across an organisation in order to create value. The concept of applying design at a business (strategic) level, a process level and product level and showing how these levels interact in order to achieve an organisation that delivers a consistent message and experience for internal and external stakeholders.

A number of case studies in the areas of business strategy, process and product, based on the work of Scintilla, were discussed in order to highlight the application of theory and practice.

Scintilla believes that design today is much more than just delivering a product and that the designers of tomorrow have many more opportunities than just product design.