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Scintilla attends Milano Design Week

Scintilla attends Milano Design Week – April 2016

Dorte recently attended the Milano Design Week which included the Salone del Mobile (55th International Furniture Fair), 21st Triennale International Exhibition Milan as well as many satellite exhibitions throughout the city of Milan. While there was the usual array of new product launches, what was more interesting was the active marketing of design philosophies, ways of thinking and approaches to innovation by many major global brands including Toyota, Lexus and Citizen watches. Toyota presented a wooden concept car that asked the audience to consider the car not as a commodity, but as an heirloom piece that is handed down from one generation to the next, with each scratch a part of the car’s individual history. Citizen watches explored the relativity of time as experienced by people of different ages, on different planets within our solar system and so on, all bounded by a galaxy of watch mechanisms (and a display of their products through time).

Also of interest were the many satellite exhibitions hosted in various design districts across the city that presented the works of emerging designers as well as new innovations and applications of materials, finishes and manufacturing processes. The Italian furniture design house Kartell, focused on promoting their partnerships with leading design professionals and their continued innovation in plastics manufacturing technology in order to realise many of their designs. The recently launched Piuma chair designed by Piero Lissoni weighs only 2.2kg and is only 2mm thick. Kartell took 3 years to realise the design due to the application of carbon fiber plastics molding technology formerly only used in the automotive and aeronautical industries.

Attending international events such as Milano Design Week, enables Scintilla to keep abreast of global design trends and innovations in materials and manufacturing. We look forward to applying our learnings when next working with our clients to better realise their vision