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Doing things differently

Doing things differentlyMarch 2016

Dorte was one of 19 female graduates interviewed by Cathy Lockhart, lecturer in Design at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), as part of her PhD thesis: Where are the women? Women industrial designers from university to workplace. Cathy was recently interviewed by the International Council of Societies in Industrial design (ICSID) about her PhD research findings. Cathy found that while women designers were not achieving the public recognition of their male counterparts through formal design award programs, they were still out there practicing design.

"Millennials are having to be more entrepreneurial, and the women are designing, but they're actually doing it for themselves. So they might work for someone else for a couple of years and then they're setting up their own businesses. They're doing things differently, and it's just not in that peer-reviewed environment. It doesn't get that public recognition in the same way, and doesn't necessarily have the backing of a design awards, and the media coverage that goes with it," Cathy explains.

As part of her research into women industrial designers, Cathy also curated an exhibition in 2014 entitled “Where are the Women?”. Dorte was invited to participate in the exhibition and a sample of Dorte’s work is included in the article. To read the full article, visit: 

Helping new designers grow

Helping new designers growMarch 2016

Having been involved in the design industry for many years, we believe in giving back to our industry to help nurture better designers for the future. Both Ian and Dorte have been invited by UTS to tutor and mentor students in the areas of Research Methods in Integrated Product Design and User-Centered Design. We will be guiding students through real world projects and showing them how to apply design research and user-centered design principles to develop appropriate designed solutions and outcomes. We look forward to working with the students throughout the coming semester.