Insight into Scintilla’s working ethos

Insight into Scintilla’s working ethosJanuary 2016

Just thought we’d share a little insight into how Scintilla tackles research, strategy and design challenges with our clients. Being process oriented, not product driven is the most important and difficult skill for a designer to develop. Being process oriented means:

  • Seeking to understand a design problem before chasing after solutions
  • Not force fitting solutions to old problems onto new problems
  • Removing yourself from prideful investment in your projects and being slow to fall in love with your ideas
  • Making design investigations and decisions holistically (that address several aspects of a design problem at once) rather than sequentially (that finalise one aspect of a solution before investigating the next)
  • Making design decisions conditionally – that is with the awareness that they may not or may work out as you continue toward a final solution
  • Knowing when to change and when to stick with previous decisions
  • Accepting as normal the anxiety that comes from not knowing what to do
  • Working fluidly between concept and detail to see how each informs the other
  • Always asking ‘what if ……?’ regardless of how satisfied you are with the solution