Dorte attends workshops in USA

Dorte attends workshops in USA December 2015

As part of our ongoing development and commitment to our clients, Dorte attended two workshops in the USA run by the Design Management Institute. The first workshop, “Leveraging the Power of Design”, was held in New York City and was attended by a diverse groups of professionals from public, private and not for profit organisations including Sony Mobile Communications, Swarovski and the Toronto Star newspaper. The content presented by Deb Mrazek was inspiring and the diverse perspectives and experiences present provided unique insights into how design thinking is being applied globally.

The second workshop, “Innovation tools and processes” was hosted at the Head Office of Autodesk in San Francisco. The inspiring and human-centric building was the perfect location to learn about and apply the suite of innovation tools and processes presented by Bill Lucas. Bill presented a refreshing look at some old favourite tools and a great range of new tools and processes that when combined with our existing toolkit will be provide powerful tools to boost creativity and innovation. The workshop had a strong USA contingent with people from Google, WalmartLab and PwC as well as international attendees from Sony Mobile Communications and Scintilla.

Nir Stalkol, Product Manager, iRobot Corp, Bedford, MA, USA
Dorte Bell, Director, Scintilla Design, Sydney, Australia
Yassu Nishioka, Director, Sony Mobile Communications, Beijing, China