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Scintilla in Workshopped 2015 Exhibition

Scintilla in Workshopped 2015 Exhibition August 2015 – Scintilla was very excited to be a finalist in this year's Workshopped Design competition with our entry "Orbit". The Orbit wall clock is a commentary on our obsession with time. It aims to put the passage of time back into perspective by alluding to the enormity of time on geological timescales – moons orbiting a planet, planets orbiting a sun. The front face of the clock forms the minute hand and the passing hours are marked by a chrome sphere orbiting the face. Opening night of the exhibition was Wednesday 5th August at Moore Park Supa Centa, Sydney. The evening was buzzing with excitement as all the finalist entries were revealed to the public. The exhibition runs until August 23rd as part of the Sydney Design festival so be sure to go and have a look.

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